If you’ve a case with multiple 5.25" bays and only one is populated then Evercool can help you put something useful in that empty space.  The Evercool Cross Flow System Cooler looks a little like a fan controller from the front but from behind you can see a little turbine that is supposed to move air up to 100CFM.  Drop by OverclockersHQ for a look

Put that 5.25" bay to use with Evercool's Cross Flow - Cases and Cooling 2

"Ever wonder what to do with those unused 5.25 slots in your case? Add another DVD drive? Maybe a removable HDD carrier? Well Evercool has provided us with another innovative system cooler that helps make that decision easier. The Evercool Cross Flow System Cooler! We are always looking for ways to increase the cooling capacity of our cases. Heat Kills! The Evercool Cross Flow System Cooler is another weapon in the ever increasing arsenal against heat. Evercool says this little un-obtrusive device packs a massive amount of air flow. Lets check it out!"

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