If Razer sells it you can be sure that the product is aimed at gamers and their new Ferox Module Gaming Speakers are no exception.  They are definitely small, Red & Blackness Mods describes them as the "size of big eggs", and the round design helps reinforce that image.  The round design is not a fluke, these are omni-directional and best for when you want to share your sounds with others.  Drop by and take a look.

Razer jumps into audio with their gaming speakers - General Tech 2
(not quite life sized)

"With the iPad and its competitors taking over the market there is a bigger need for portable accessories for them. There are a lot of portable speakers on the market for surf pads and cells but none of them really stand out in the competition. Razer are trying to solve this by releasing their Ferox module gaming speakers. We are going to test this speaker kit out with various devices to see what these egg sized speakers can do."

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