InsideHW gathered together a large number of video cards, broke them into four different price ranges and went benchmark crazy.  For this particular round up they were more concerned about GPU power as opposed to contrasting the different features that AMD and NVIDIA have incorporated into their cards.   As well, instead of complicating their results with multi card setups, they focused on how the cards compared when used singly.  Take a look to see how they fell on the performance scale in the full review.

Springtime graphics round up - General Tech 2


"If you were attentive during the past few months, you’re bound to have noticed just how many new graphics card models have been presented in the past few months. To say that the market situation is confusing would be an understatement, since not only have there been plenty of new models making their appearance on the market, but an entire graphics card generation has shifted. Besides, NVIDIA seems to have made a full recovery and got back into the game as an entirely respectable competitor…"

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