Phoronix noticed something very interesting on their project.  One submitter seems to be benchmarking a "AMD Eng Sample ZS182045TGG43_28" which appears to be one of the unreleased 16-core Interlagos Opterons.  The 32 core, 1.8GHz beats Intel’s newest on the Ray Tracing benchmark that was used to test performance and it shows great promise on two other benchmarks that were verified as valid.  Some techies will also be very pleased that the new chips obviously have no problems with Linux.

"Lately we have been talking a lot about Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors under Linux due to their very competitive performance and interesting graphics abilities, but on the AMD side there has not been too much to talk about. On the low-end there is the intriguing Fusion APUs, but on the high-end they don’t have an answer to Sandy Bridge until delivering their new "Bulldozer" products closer to the summer. Fortunately, we have the first Linux scoop and performance benchmarks from engineering samples of their 16-core Interlagos server chip."

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