Whereas many heatsinks have a metal plate that makes contact with your CPU’s heatspreader which then conducts heat to your heatpipes, Swiftech’s new cooler skips the metal plate and puts the heatpipes in direct contact with your CPU.  At 849g it is not the heaviest cooler available, though at 152mm (6") high you will need to exercise some caution when choosing a case.  Overclockers Online put it to the test against the Cooler Master Hyper 212+, check out the details here.

Swiftech's Polaris 120 has heatpipes that get up close with your CPU - Cases and Cooling 2

"Swiftech has been a major name in air cooling in the past and with the Polaris 120 they are solidly throwing their hat back in the ring. The tower style cooler is a break from their Helicoid design but the performance shows they have done their homework. Five large 8mm direct contact heatpipes along with a tower that features a tunneling design delivers good performance. The design of the mounting hardware incorporates all of the major CPU sockets and limits the amount of installation hardware required."

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