X-bit Labs had a chance to speak with Neal Robison, the Senior Director of Content and Application Support at AMD, essentially he is in charge of ensuring AMD’s APUs can be easily utilized with software and convincing programmers of all varieties to design software that takes advantage of the new abilities of the Fusion APU.  They discuss a wide variety of topics, such as hardware accelerated physics to tablets and AMD’s choice to remain open as opposed to hawking AMD branded applications specifically for Fusion APUs.  Get a glimpse of AMD’s future in the full article.

Talking about Fusion with AMD - General Tech 2

"AMD’s Fusion technology is finally here. At present AMD Fusion platforms only power low-end personal computers, in the coming months AMD will introduce Fusion chips for mainstream PCs. But what about the future of Fusion program? Will it power high-end desktops? Maybe next-generation game consoles? What advantages can Fusion bring to end users? Neal Robison, the head of software developer relations department will answer these questions here and now."

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