Core i7-990X is a little upset that no one is paying attention to it.  Instead everyone is focused on what is a mid-range series of processors named SandyBridge that hangs out with a friend that doesn’t like storage devices.  It is after all the fastest that Intel offers and has support for a lot of features that SB won’t have until the high end series is finally released. 

Check out The Tech Report to see Intel’s new flagship CPU in action.


The Core i7 990X Extreme would like a word with you - Processors 2


"I hate to brag, but with six cores at 3.46GHz, a Turbo peak of 3.73GHz, 12MB of L3 cache, and three channels of DDR3 memory, I’m kind of a big deal. Add in the fact that my upper multipliers are unlocked so that I can be overclocked, and you can see why my asking price is one dollar short of a grand. If you still don’t get it, just know that the valedictorian at your high school would probably have a nerdgasm over me. That’s the sort of response I tend to provoke among dudes who know what I am. And ladies, of course. Both of them are pretty excited, too."

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