Take a look at the reviews of the brand new GTX590, for instance the testing done at [H]ard|OCP and how it compares to what Ryan saw in his benchmarking; do you see the pattern emerging?  The GTX 590 performs right alongside a pair of SLI’d GTX 570s, providing almost the exact same performance, even though they are technically the same GPUs found in the GTX 580.  Look to the power consumption charts and you will see why, the GPUs are downclocked enough to bring the power draw down below the SLI’d GTX 570s.  That seems to be exactly what this card is, a slightly more expensive but quieter and more efficient way to have the performance of two GTX 570s including the benefits of multimonitor support.  Unfortunately what it is not is the fastest single slot graphics card on the planet, that throne still belongs to the HD 6990.

The GTX590 is a more efficient way to a GTX570 SLI - Graphics Cards 2


"Today NVIDIA is launching the GeForce GTX 590 with dual-GPUs on a single video card. We are going to take this beast and compare it to not only Radeon HD 6990 but also GeForce GTX 580 SLI and GeForce GTX 570 SLI. This video card is pleasant to the ears, but does it have the muscle to make it a competitive buy? "

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