Over the past 7 days we have seen quite a bit of action in the browser world.  Internet Explorer has hit its 9th iteration for those running Vista or Win7, with improved performance across the board, previously unseen (from Microsoft) adherence to web standards and new features such as a Do Not Track header.  The eternally updating Chrome beat even Adobe to the punch in patching a serious Flash flaw, but Firefox has been lagging behind in this busy week.  Wait no more, as today sees the release of FireFox 4, with an update to the Gecko rendering engine and a new Javascript engine called Jaegermonkey.Drop by The Inquirer for a preview before you install it.

The last browser to renew its self; Firefox 4 arrives tomorrow - General Tech 2

"OPEN SOURCE software developer Mozilla has big hopes that Firefox 4 will maintain the momentum of its most popular product, and so far the results are looking good."

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