If you’ve been living on pot noodles for months to save up enough money to upgrade your system for Crysis 2 then maybe it’s time to reinstall FarCry 2 or Metro 2033, there must be a few mods out there to amuse yourself with.  Whatever level of fail BulletStorm reached with encrypted .ini files, Crysis 2 surpassed them and kept on going.  Who needs a DX11 game on an XBox after all, let alone challenging play or graphics that crush modern GPUs?   Kyle at [H]ard|OCP will help you save some bucks buying this console port, but if you really want to play it he did stick with it long enough to provide a performance preview.

The most concise and accurate Crysis 2 review you need - General Tech 2


"We have played them all! Farcry, Crysis, and now Crysis 2. If you were relying on Crytek to stress your new AMD or NVIDIA GPUs, well, you will likely have to wait another 4 years, or never probably. Crysis 2 graphics suck. Yes the graphics suck and you all know why. Crytek sold us out for a bunch of pussy 360 gamers. Gameplay is about as exciting and motivating as pulling a scab off your dog’s scrotum. Open gameplay? Yeah right. Challenging? Not in the least. Crysis 2 goes into the "Never Finished" game bin with Daikatana. Come to think of it, Daikatana had better multi-player."

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