The NEC PA301w is a new choice for those looking to game on a 30″ screen at 2560 x 1600 with a 10-bit P-IPS type LCD.  While it does have some unique features like inbuilt support for the X-Rite i1D2 colorimeter and a built-in KVM USB switch but it lacks other features you might expect such as an HDMI in.  In the end AnandTech proclaimed it “the best 30-inch display – heck, monitor in general – that I’ve tested yet. If you can stomach the $2,300 price tag.”

The new 30" king - NEC's PA301w LCD - Displays 2

“Today we’re looking at NEC’s latest and greatest, the MultiSync PA301w. I’ve been playing with a pre-production unit which is identical to what will be shipping, and have put it through the usual paces of our monitor testing suite.”

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