Palladium, Trusted Platform Management and all of the other hardware based security solutions Intel and others have demonstrated will arrive with vPro which will be included in the new batch of SandyBridge chips that will be hitting the shelves by April.  The Vpro Core i5 and i7 and Xeon E3 processors are targeted more towards business applications with advanced support for virtualization and supposedly more compatibility with cloud computing.  The speed improvements Intel told The Inquirer about guarantee that these chips will find a home with some enthusiasts.

The second wave of SandyBridge is very security conscious - General Tech 2

"CHIPMAKER Intel has announced its Vpro Core i5 and i7 and Xeon E3 processors that use the Sandy Bridge architecture and are designed to support virtualisation and cloud computing.

The first Vpro powered products from the likes Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo are expected with the next month, Intel told The INQUIRER."

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