Maybe you are not quite so paranoid as to stick strictly to text only emails but you probably raise an eyebrow when an email wants to download content such as pictures from an external site.  Such practices are a great way for spammers to verify that an email is active but for now are not really a security risk.  Hotmail, in an attempt to keep users, will now be enabling javascript code to pull in live multimedia content directly to your emails and straight into your temp folders.  Good thing there aren’t any known security risks for doing so.   Check out the full scoop at The Inquirer.

What could possibly go wrong? Hotmail enables Javascript in emails - General Tech 2


"EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER Microsoft will allow companies to run Javascript code within Hotmail users’ mailboxes.

Microsoft has said that its Hotmail service will analyse email and present certain forms of content in a way that it believes is the "most common things people do when they receive the email". This means that groups of images will automatically be put into a slideshow or videos will be embedded directly in emails from simple Youtube links."


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