TechSpot downloaded the high resolution texture pack and applied it to the new, fully DX11 sequel to Dragon Age.  They take a close look at the visual differences between the various quality modes available in the setting screen so you can determine if it is even worth cranking up the settings.  They show that CPU speed has little to do with performance, although newer architectures perform superior to older models.  Take a look at the full review to see an impressive performance from the new HD6990.

What do you need to play Dragon Age II properly? - General Tech 2


"Given our ability to fit out PCs with vastly superior hardware, it pays off when playing Dragon Age II. Right off the bat BioWare released a free high-resolution texture pack download designed exclusively for the PC version. Just as important, the game exclusively supports DirectX 11 on the PC providing cutting edge rendering features such as tessellation, additional dynamic lighting, depth of field and ambient occlusion (SSAO). When compared to DX9 we can confirm that Dragon Age II looks considerably better using the more advanced renderer. "

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