If you have been following the guides that Missing Remote has published on how to chose hardware for your HTPC you will be glad to know they’ve continued the guide into software.  Your choices depend on which Operating System you chose to install, Apple, Linux and Windows all offer different solutions.  Read the full review for an exhaustive list of all of the software you can choose from and what they can all do for you and your HTPC.

You have your HTPC hardware, but the software is just as important - Cases and Cooling 2


"Each one of these has their pros and cons. If you are using Mac OSX, you don’t have many choices beyond Front Row and Plex (below). If you’re using Linux, honestly you’re probably not reading this guide due to limited options as well–MythTV (below as well). So that leaves Windows users . This is at least 90% of you out there, and most likely what everyone reading this is interested in. Let’s take a look at some HTPC software programs and cover some of their pros and cons. By no means is this full in-depth, but should be a good starting point."

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