Power Consumption and Temperatures

Testing the power consumption of these low cost graphics cards is sometime more important than on the higher end models as those consumers tend to over compensate on their power supply already.  For the budget buyers and OEMs, looking at the power draw can help with critical buying decisions.

Now here is where we see those cards without a power connection really put their mettle to the test.  Both the HD 6670 and HD 6570 are using less than 210 watts of total power while the NVIDIA GTS 450 is pulling in 55 watts more power.  That is a LOT considering the total consumption limits of the Turks GPUs are around 60 watts making the GTS 450 a better performer but not more efficient.

The temperatures of all four cards remain in a safety zone here between 69 and 75 degrees C.  Obviously the coolers on all of them are doing their jobs.  Keep an eye out for custom made HD 6670 and HD 6570 coolers that will either be quieter or more efficient (maybe even passive) as these reference cards aren’t going to be shipped.

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