If you are a fan of tiny speakers that unobtrusively fill the room with audio then the Aperion Verus Forte series of speakers is probably not for you.  If on the other hand you prefer a miniature wall of sound with speakers that are unashamed to make their presence known visually and aurally then click on over to Digital Trends.  With five parts, a pair of 30 lbs towers at 35" x 6" x 8.25, a single centre channel of 6.2" x 19" x 8" weighing in at 15 lbs and a pair of satellites of 9" x 5 x 5.7" and a relatively small 6.5 lbs.  If those aren’t big enough Aperion also sells a Grand series.

Aperion Verus Forte; for those who still appreciate a wall of sound - General Tech 2

"A few months ago internet-direct speaker maker Aperion Audio announced a new family of products dubbed Verus. The Verus line-up features higher quality drivers, more elegantly styled cabinets and more advanced engineering than their Intimus series cousins and, according to Aperion, a more authentic and true-to-life sound experience. Currently, the Verus offerings are comprised of the larger, full-sized “Grand” speakers along with the more recently released, and compact, Forte series. In this review, we take a listen to the Verus Forte towers, center channel and satellites and consider their value in contrast with their competition as well as Aperion’s own Intimus line."

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