Introduction and Features

ASRock pulls out all the stops on souped-up P67 Professional.

ASRock is teaming up with Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel to bring back to life the Fatal1ty series of gamer-centric motherboards. Their latest creation is dubbed the P67 Professional and this particular LGA 1155-based motherboard pulls out all the stops in terms of quality components and enthusiast-level features. The use of premium gold caps, Japanese conductive polymer capacitors, and support for quad SLI and CrossfireX graphics configurations makes the P67 Professional a true head-turner for gamers looking for every edge to max out their system’s gaming prowess.

The P67 Professional combines several unique features into one sporty red and black PCB including a modified UEFI BIOS, dual gigabit LAN jacks with teaming functionality, and a plethora of custom software applications for overclocking, power management, and boosting USB performance.

There is also a customized Fatal1ty mouse port on the board itself that gamers can use to get Fatal1ty’s preferred mouse polling rate at 500Hz. This feature is also embedded into Fatal1ty’s F-Stream application for gamers to adjust the mouse polling rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz.

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