When [H]ard|OCP first tested out NVIDIA’s GPUs on Dragon Age II, they lost handily to the AMD Radeon equivalent irrespective of the price disparity.  NVIDIA has rolled out a beta driver that [H] got hold of to test and see if NVIDIA’s claims that they couldn’t perfect the performance because they didn’t have access to early versions of the game.  While the driver did up performance noticeably; by 30% in some cases and often pushing a hair above the competition it did not help the pricing disparity.  For some though, an extra 6% performance is worth $25.

... but we didn't have early access to the game; Dragon Age II version - General Tech 2


"After the disappointing showing in our Dragon Age 2 Gameplay Performance Review, NVIDIA has responded with a new BETA driver that claims to alleviate the game-crippling performance problems that its customers were experiencing. We evaluate performance improvements and again compare to AMD’s."

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