If you tend to use Linux through a GUI and only use the command line to supplement your usage and are pretty sure the web was not meant to be viewed in text only with Lynx then a brand new desktop for Linux is good news.  Gnome has hit version 3, with a few new features and some serious streamlining, some good and some strange.  For instance re-sizing windows with your scroll wheel is interesting, removing the minimize and maximize buttons are odd. 

Overall Ars Technica was impressed, liking it more than KDE in some cases.

 Good news for Linux cheats, Gnome 3 is here - General Tech 2

"The developers behind the GNOME project have announced the official release of GNOME 3.0, a significant redesign of the open source desktop environment. The update introduces a new desktop shell that offers a streamlined window management workflow and a more modern look and feel. The new version also represents a major architectural overhaul, with many important enhancements to the GNOME platform’s technical underpinnings."

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