X-Bit Labs pits Intel’s two superstars against each other, the mighty but slightly elderly i7-990X Extreme Edition  and the brand new i7-2600K.  They both have roughly the same 3.4GHz speed but achieve it in different ways, with the 990X running 133MHz with a 26x multiplier and the 2600K adds a 34x multiplier to the 100MHz base and both vary their speed depending on tasks.  Turbo mode is also mostly the same, with the 2600K reaching a slight higher speed with it’s 4/8 cores.  Can the extra cores and enthusiast level motherboard on the 990X push the performance past the new technology in SandyBridge?  Find out here.

Gulftown versus SandyBridge - Processors 2

"Intel started integrating the new Sandy Bridge processor microarchitecture not in the upper price segment, but in the mainstream LGA1155. This resulted in internal competition between the new LGA1155 and the old LGA1366 processors. So, which one will win in this round, the progressive Sandy bridge or the previous-generation Gulftown?"

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