Some of the more Perceptive of the PCPer’s have probably realized just what this particular thread implies for the near future, but if you haven’t checked it out you probably should, to avoid any future shock you could encounter otherwise.  If you’ve already played with the beta site, there is some discussion on system specification freeware which might be of use to those offering support to those who refer to the big case under their desk as their CPU.  Those looking to set up multiple OSes might garner some good information from this thread, while overclockers might smile at this success story.

Linux users will find quite a few active threads on Ubuntu 10.04 in this forum and those looking for a good argument can hit The Lightning Round … who found a new victim to help moderate the most immoderate forum at PC Perspective.  If you are more into the physical, check out both the Hot Deals forum and The Trading Post, you are unlikely to walk away unhappy.

Lastly, you can grab all the old Podcasts from Youtube, iTunes or our page so c’mon people, get with the Podcast … or in this week’s case the Fireside Q&A brought to you by a certain inept Canadian ISP.