It seems that about the same time that AMD was basking in the glow of full certification for their implementation of USB 3.0 on their soon to be released Hudson platform, Intel was announcing that Ivy Bridge will also natively support USB 3.0.  The problem is that we aren’t expecting to see hide nor hair of Ivy Bridge for about 12 months.  Hopefully some time before then we will see ThunderBucket or LightPeak on an Intel system, even if only a copper version.  The Inquirer has the scoop over here.

Intel quietly cries "Me too!" about USB 3.0 - General Tech 2



"Intel’s announcement that its 2012 Ivy Bridge chipsets will support USB 3.0 came on the same day that the USB Association revealed that AMD will be incorporating USB 3.0 support into A75 and A70M Fusion chipsets. The Ivy Bridge decision means that eventually Intel mainboard vendors won’t have to use third party silicon to provide USB 3.0 support."

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