Skip out on the batteries with Logitech’s new solar powered keyboard which sports an inch tall strip of solar cells at the top of the keyboard.  It won’t help you much if you are a basement dweller but for those who can withstand a bit of natural sunlight will benefit from a wireless keyboard that never needs charging or new batteries.  As far as the usage, it has chiclet style keys and a complete lack of indicators such as a Caps Lock light.

Head over to Digital Trends for a look at Logitech’s greenest keyboard yet.

Logitech's solar powered K750 Wireless keyboard - General Tech 2

"When you have companies slapping solar cells on everything from cell phones to backpacks so they can tie on recycled-cardboard tags with hemp cord, call them green, and charge twice the price, it’s easy to get jaded and dismiss solar gadgets as gimmicks. Until about the third time you have to replace or recharge the batteries in your wireless keyboard, and realize a solar panel would eliminate that need forever. Like calculators and watches, Logitech’s K750 proves that wireless keyboards make ideal candidates for solar-panel transplants, giving users both convenience and a clear conscience."

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