Many companies that aim to hit the sub-$150 market take a hacksaw to an existing board layout and pare off enough expensive components to keep the price down.  MSI took a different approach with the 890FXA-GD70, designing the board from scratch with the trimmed down features while still keeping important ones such as their Military Class components.  What they ended up with was not only a board Josh liked, it was one he could even afford to buy for himself!

MSI's 890FXA-GD65, a study in the proper way to make a budget board - General Tech 2

"MSI has created a fine board. It certainly appears to have had a real teething process, but now the BIOS support has caught up and we are seeing a very fast and mature product on the marketplace. The current price makes this one of the more exciting AM3 motherboard out there, especially for the budget enthusiast. MSI has scored nicely with the 890FXA-GD65."

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