Armed with a LAN that can theoretically handle 1Gb per second, Techgage set out to see what effect storage drive technology would have on the speed at which files are transferred.  They paired Corsair’s F160 SSD and Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.11 1TB to see how an SSD to SSD transfer varies from an SSD to HDD or HDD to HDD.  Read on to find out the fastest way to transfer an 11GB folder and a 22.2GB file over your network.

SSD and HDD transfer speeds over a 1Gbit/s LAN - Storage 2

"Utilizing Intel’s I340 server NIC on one end, and a Realtek on the other, a transfer from SSD to SSD (Corsair F160 to Corsair F160) proved to be about 111MB/s for a solid file, and 56.75MB/s for a folder, which consisted of 6,353 files of varying sizes. At around 111MB/s, we found our network to be pretty-well maxed-out, even with the Intel server card involved (and for what it’s worth, we found pretty much the same in Linux, except it was 1MB/s slower on average)."

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