With support for DX11 and EyeFinity as well as DisplayPort, DVI and VGA outputs the HD6450 is a different kind of $55 discount card, as far as the options go. The more important question for many is the performance delta between this card and the new integrated graphics on the Intel SandyBridge as well as the similarly priced GTX430. The Tech Report’s testing shows that the card draws the least power under full load of the bunch but is cursed by the ‘tiny, whiny fan’ that is common to the low end graphics market. Check out the full review to see.

Surprise! It's a new $55 HD6450 - Graphics Cards 2

"Sandy Bridge’s peppy integrated graphics component has brought forth a new generation of entry-level graphics cards that seek to outdo it. Is the $55 Radeon HD 6450 a worthwhile upgrade from Intel’s HD Graphics, and is it a good deal?"

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