A closer look at the Dell U3011

It is very hard to convey the size of this display using pictures, you really need to sit in front of it for a while to appreciate what this size of monitor brings not only to gaming but just general usage of the PC. That much screen real estate leaves enough room to have an IRC chat client, the PC Perspective home page, the PC Perspective Podcast notes and a Skype window open during the Podcast with room to spare.

The monitor can swing over 20 degrees to the right or left letting you fit the base into tighter spots that otherwise as well as helping those blessed folks who can afford more than one of these monitors.

The swivel on the monitor is very smooth with absolutely no clicking.  The weight of the base holds the montior very stably while you are adjusting the monitor.  The entire silver circle on the base moves, it is not turning on a fragile post inside the vertical portion of the stand of the display which is critical in a monitor of this size.

You can tilt the monitor away from you about 30 degrees from the vertical and about 5 degrees towards you.

You also have a hair over 4” of vertical travel with a very sold feeling movement. It doesn’t sink down from a position once you place it there.

I would love to show you this monitor in portrait mode but it simply does not do that with the stand provided.  In order to have a portrait display you would need to remove the Torx bolts which hold the display to the stand and mount it on a VESA arm capable of holding the weight of the monitor which is 20lbs naked.


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