Colour Conformity Testing

The Dell U3011 claims 117% (CIE 1976) color gamut and has factory-tuned AdobeRGB and sRGB modes, none of which I am fully equipped to test. What can be tested is how true the preset colour settings match a well known colour calibration tool, the Pantone Huey Monitor Colour correction tool. By looking at an image before and after colour correction one can see how well Dell calibrated the monitor in the factory.

Here is an assortment of colours, from a very recognizable website to the famous frog used for testing printers. Also a small assortment of pantone colours from Wikipedia and a colour palate from GIMP. In the bottom corner is a picture of something available on my desk, to attempt to compare the colour it actually is versus the representation on screen.

Not too much difference between the two settings is apparent, Dell perhaps made the display slightly greener that it should be but the chances are that anyone concerned with that level of detail will already own a colour corrector and use it religiously.

Matching the colours of a real object directly beside it can be difficult, not just to correctly reproduce on screen but also to try to capture a picture of. Nevertheless it seems that Dell can match colours very closely before calibrating and the calibration process has only improved the already great colour reproduction. 


The blame for the brightness difference between the two lies with my camera and my skills but still demonstrates the accuracy of the colour reproduction capabilities of this monitor.


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