Viewing angles, the strong point of the H-IPS Dell U3011

Maybe you were a little disappointed by the response rate results, although again I want to assure you that it is not a problem.

Moving onto an attribute that IPS displays excel at, we look at the viewing angle of the Dell U3011. Sure your TN panel is faster than the Dell but what happens to the image if you are just a few degrees off of 90?

As you can see, this monitor has less problems displaying an accurate picture 45 degrees off of true than my camera does focusing on the PC Perspective website being displayed at the far side of the screen.

A little backlight bleeds in once we move to 33 degrees, a minor drawback to this style of monitor as the CCFL backlight needs to be quite intense to push its photons through the IPS style liquid crystal matrix though the IPS cannot completely shut it out like a VPA LCD can.

You will never try to use the monitor at this acute of an angle but isn’t it nice to know that shoulder surfers can get at least a rough glance at what you are looking at even if they are standing only 5 degrees off of being in line with the monitor. Be warned.

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