A 30 incher with a good On Screen Display

In many 30” displays the OSD is limited, though never before has a 30” monitor landed on this desk to compare to, the Dell has a very nice OSD available once you locate the Button Sound option and turn it off.

The main display, accessed with the button directly above the Power button sports the usual assortment of options.  The menu button at the bottom allows you finer control.

What would a monitor be without a brightness control?  You can now see that the 4 buttons on the bezel of the display are labelled by the OSD, each with a separate function.

The Colour menu allows you to switch between RGB and yPbPr, the Preset Modes sport the usual Warm, Cool, Standard and others with the important ones for designers being Adobe RGB and sRGB.

The secret location of the option that silences the beep accompanying button pushes that is on by default.

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