The $150 price point is pretty crowded, NVIDIAs GTX 550 Ti is about $139, the 768MB GTX 460is right on the mark and AMD already has an HD 5770 1GB about $20 under, so trying to fit in a mediocre card to that range is going to be nearly impossible.  It’s a good thing that barring Lost Planet 2, the HD 6790 outperforms the GTX 550 Ti and matches the performance of the trimmed down GTX 460.  Assuming that AMD does release the card at the MSRP of $150 the multi display capabilities of the HD 6790 should be more attractive to users than NVIDIA’s product.  The real kicker is the HD6850, which you can get hold of for $144 after MIB if you shop carefully.

"For the majority of gamers though, that doesn’t really matter; what does is how much gaming power you can get for your hard-earned (or lazily acquired) local currency. In that regard, the Radeon HD 6790 1GB is a graphics card that puts even more pressure on NVIDIA and its GTX 500-series than it had before and leaves AMD as our favorite option for $150."

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