The long awaited Thermaltake Level 10GT has arrived after showing up at in its original form at CES 2009 and the look at the new design at CES 2010.  Steve got one in for review and has just posted his findings.  The included extras read like a wish list, from the slightly maligned headset hanger to the 8-pin PCIe extension cord.  He had no problems installing his system and was very impressed with the cases cooling abilities and the overall design.

Thermaltake's Level 10 GT, the only thing missing is the kitchen sink - Cases and Cooling 2


"While we never had the pleasure of doing a hands-on review of the original Level 10 case, we were very excited with all the features Thermaltake emulated from it on the Level 10 GT. We were also highly impressed that Thermaltake was daring enough to try and create a consumer-level case out of the astronomically-priced Level 10 case. The overall design of the Level 10 GT is easily on par with the original Level 10, but Thermaltake included other related features like a hinged side panel door and removable hard drive cages."

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