Results: 7-Zip and Far Cry 2


This file compression program has a nice benchmark attached to it that calculates the MIPS of a processor when running both the compression and extraction algorithms.

In a strange twist, we see the AMD processors take a significant lead over the i7.  Only when running 8 threads do we see the i7 take charge.

Far Cry 2

In our final benchmark, we want to see how CPU performance affects what is typically a fairly CPU dependent game.  We test two resolutions (low and fairly high) so the GPU does not become the bottleneck in at least one of the scenarios.  1024 x 768 High and 1600 x 1200 Very High settings were used.  AA was disabled.

When the GPU is not slowing everything down, we see some nice separation between the processors.  Far Cry 2 is multi-thread aware, and we see the dual core being left far behind when compared to the 4 and 6 core processors.  Once the resolution and quality settings get increased to Very High, we see the i7 still ahead but not by as much as before.  The CPU in this game can still really hold back a system with a robust video card, as evidenced by the X2 and its results.

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