AMD has released its latest Catalyst display drivers today. The new 11.5 drivers focus mainly on bug-fixes and interface improvements. The new features of the driver package include improvements to Hydravision for Eyefinity setups:

  • HydraGrid is now awar of user created bezels.
  • HydraGrid now includes an "Automatic Grid" that aligns itself to a user defined Eyefinity display layout.

Other important aspects of this driver release are bug fixes for the Windows 7 and XP operating systems:

A number of bugs have been fixed for Windows 7, notably:

  • Windows Media Player no longer randomly hangs or displays a black screen after playing VC1 (WMV) video files for over 4 hours.
  • Bioshock no longer displays visual corruption with Vsynch and MLAA enabled.
  • Transcoding MPEG-2 video to H.264 no longer causes an application crash.
  • Transcoding H.264 to AVCHD no longer generates lagging video.

Winows XP on the other hand, has only recieved a single bug fix.  A crossfire issue has been fixed so that Civilization V " no longer stops responding during game launch when Crossfire is enabled."

More information on bug fixes for Windows 7 as well as installation help can be found in the release notes here.