You may have noticed that extreme overclockers, like those at MSI’s Master Overclocking Event in Las Vegas, spend a goodly amount of time trying to insulate their components against condensation that forms when your CPU or GPUs temperature drops well below 0C.  NinjaLane has posted an article that shares the basic ideas about protecting your components from frost, though in their case it is a liquid cooling setup with a phase change device in place of a radiator.  If -20C isn’t cool enough for you they also advise you what changes to make for an LN setup.

"Any time you expose the atmosphere to something cold you run the risk that water in the air will begin to condense. Common forms of condensation would be an icy windshield, water on a cold can of Pepsi, and even the frost in your freezer. The only way to prevent condensation is to insulate against it."

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