SSD 311 Raw Performance

Before putting our SSD 311 sample to use as a cache, we wanted to see how SLC flash behind the newer controller would stack up. This was an interesting combination of pluses and minuses, as the 311 is at a bit of a disadvantage with only 5 of the typical 10 internal data channels in use.

Since the SSD 311 is a bit ont he small size to be considered for solo OS usage, we saw it fitting to compare it with Iometer – one of the best tests for IOPS scaling at high queue depths. Below are our findings:

The 311 performs extremely well in all areas, matching the X25-M G2 160GB and SSD 320 Series 300GB models in nearly all areas. The SLC flash and newer controller was more than enough to overcome the performance weaknesses seen in other 5-channel designs (i.e. X25-V).

One note here: many of the newer Intel models easily dust the Intel 510 Series, which is the only Intel model equipped with a non-Intel (Marvell) controller.

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