Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts


So threre we have it. Take a Z68, a HDD, and a small / cheap SSD. Roll them all together with some switches flipped in the RST GUI, and you have a system with the OS installed on a large HDD that can dish out performance surprisingly close to that of a system installed directly to Solid State.


Rumor has it that the 2.5" form factor SSD 311 20GB will be available for $110. That’s a fair cut considering the controller is more advanced and the old X25-E 32GB still pushes close to $400.

Final Thoughts

Ryan awarded the Z68 solution his Editor’s Choice. I’m going to match his with one from the Storage Editor. I’m not only awarding for the Z68 – I’m awarding for the potential of the dynamic duo of storage goodness that it enables. The Z68 / SSD 311 combination is what hybrid hard disk drives should have been from the start, with the added bonus of being able to mate it with whichever spinning disk the user wants.

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