Overclocking Performance

OC Tuner Automatic Overclocking

For the P8Z68-V Pro, ASUS provided two very different ways of overclocking the processor. You can choose to let the BIOS and logic integrated on the board handle it and use the OC Tuner option or you can go the old fashioned route and tweak the settings manually. In my testing I went ahead and tried both to see which provided the best results (should be obvious) and how well they stood up to some torture time.

I am using the same configuration for overclocking as I did for the performance testing including a Core i7-2600K processor that runs at 3.80 GHz top Turbo Boost speed. That is headroom that Intel gives users for its own “automatic overclocking” but ASUS’ OC Tuner software is able to get quite a bit more out of our processor.

Using the automatic setting in the ASUS BIOS we booted up the system and found our top CPU speed at 4.429 GHz, a 16% increase in the clock speed over what we had before. Considering this is “free” performance and that it did not require us to have any real knowledge of how overclocking worked, I would say ASUS is able to provide a real value to the consumer that wants to get more out of their processors but doesn’t want to invest an entire day (and likely a headache or two) to the process.

Manual Overclocking Results

That being said, we did in fact go through that sometimes annoying process of manual overclocking to see what else we could stretch out of the Core i7-2600K with the array of options at our disposal. The results are pretty impressive as well:

I was able to hit the 4.635 GHz mark without having to raise the voltage going to the processor – a good sign for those that have more talent and knowledge in the overclocking field than I. After just a bit of additional power going to the CPU though I was able to hit the highest clock speed personally seen in an overclocking session:

Nice! 4.84 GHz is a solid 27% increase in clock speed on the Core i7-2600K and sets a new high for overclocking potential in my testing. The ASUS Z68 lineup looks like it will do very well for overclockers.

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