In a market full of affordable gaming laptop offerings from ASUS, MSI and Toshiba, it’s easy to forget why the high-end, $2000+ models exist. Both the ASUS G53 and MSI GT680R seemed adequate when we reviewed them, and put all other laptops to shame in gaming benchmarks. What more could you ask for?

Maingear’s eX-L15 is the more, and a reminder that the spectrum of performance provided by modern hardware is extremely broad. The eX-L15 achieved scores over 30% higher than those of the MSI GT680R, and is over twice as quick as the ASUS N53, a multimedia laptop with gaming performance that seemed reasonable at the time.

At $2300, this is an expensive laptop, but it’s hard to argue that the eX-L15 isn’t providing value for the extra money spent. The much improved performance compared to your typical pre-configured $1500 gaming laptop will result in a noticeably better gaming experience. In Just Cause 2, for example, it would be easy to pump up the detail settings, trading FPS in for significantly better visuals.

Of course, Maingear could have screwed this up by choosing an inferior chassis for their product, but fortunately the Clevo-supplied chassis is a great platform.  The display is another of the laptop’s high-points, and the audio, while not best-in-class, is certainly better than much of the competition. My only complaints are the small touchpad and the high system temperatures.

If you need an kick-ass, jaw-dropping mobile gaming powerhouse, the Maingear eX-L15 will serve you well.

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