It looks like we have an answer for Optimus, even though it is unofficial support. Linux users have been wondering for almost a year now wether or not we would get Optimus. Now it looks like we have an unofficial answer to these questions in for form of bumblebee.With this feature, even though experimental, we could potentially see an increase of cpu offloading in Linux, such as Firefox web acceleration potentially.

Other notable features are as follows:

  • Automated installation
  • 3D enabled graphics with both Intel and nVidia
  • nVidia Acceleration in Games, and under wine.
  • Potentially most important, it works on Optimus Laptops without a graphical multiplexer

This has been tested successful on:

Machine User
Alienware M11X R2 Martin Juhl
Asus N82Jv André Ventura
Acer EeePC 1215N Ellington Santos
Asus N61Jv (X64Jv) Ted
Acer Aspire 5745PG Miguel Belmonte
Dell Vostro 3300 Peter Liedler
Acer EeePC 1215N Fedor Indutny


Lets hope that Nvidia will follow suit with AMD and release graphics switching in their newest graphics driver update, 11.4, and maybe even integrate some form of GPU offloading.