Enermax has a solid reputation in the industry, stemming from their use of quality parts on the interior which do raise the cost of the units somewhat but raise the quality significantly.  Their new NAXN 750W goes a different way, choosing components that have been on the market a while and therefore cost a little less.  [H]ard|OCP’s testing was influenced by their recent review of the Enermax Lepa 750W PSU which had decent performance but was priced too high when compared to competitors offerings.  The NAXN sacrifices a bit of energy efficiency when compared to the Lepa and higher priced PSUs but sacrifices nothing on quality.

"Enermax has been a long time favorite of ours when it comes to PSUs. High quality builds that put out great power. Today we have its new NAXN 750 watt model; the first new model we have seen since Ecomaster took over the business. We are still not sure where this fits into the Enermax / Ecomaster product stack."

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