Remember the Phenom II, that CPU which was once incredible but is now the processor that those waiting for Llano are getting a little bored with?  It has a new flagship model for the X4 series, called the X4 980 which runs at 3.7GHz and sports the same 45nm technology we have come to know so well.  Read on to see if Josh could find anything about the last of the 45nms that will knock the dust off his case or if we are looking at more of the same, if slightly faster, silicon.

"In the end, this is a simple 100 MHz increase in clockspeed for AMD for their high end quad core processor. It is not all that much faster than the previous X4 975, but at least it does not consume all that much more power than the previous model. It is a good all-around performer, and would make a solid foundation for a productivity and gaming machine for most users. Invariably though, most eyes are drawn to the horizon and the promise of Llano and Bulldozer. Hopefully for AMD these next generation processors will allow them to more adequately compete with Intel when it comes to raw performance."

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