Results: SiSoft 2011

Testing a motherboard can be interesting.  Water is wet as well.  Since most tests are either CPU or video card limited, we are left with a handful of tests which can truly stress out the motherboard in its most important task: I/O functionality.  All CPU and GPU tests were run to confirm that the board does not have any dramatic faults to it which would negatively impact overall performance.

SiSoft Sandra 2011

I used two CPU tests to make sure there were only small variances in performance.  Otherwise, I went to town on memory and I/O.

CPU performance was even across the board.  Memory performance differed by a decent amount, with the Asus board ultimately coming on top.  SATA 6G performance was interesting.  The MSI 990FX board was consistently fast with a small advantage in buffered writes.

USB 3.0 differences were actually quite interesting as well.  The NEC controller was consistently slower, while the new ASMedia unit was slightly faster.

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