Gaming Related Tests

These tests are really GAME testing but are more synthetic gaming-related tests.  For that reason these benchmarks are done using the GeForce GTX 285 graphics card installed and are meant to continue testing the x86 CPU performance of the benchmarked platforms. 

3DMark Vantage

A reliable and popular benchmark, 3DMark Vantage can provide a good insight into overall gaming performance of a system.

The CPU performance (in green) on 3DMark Vantage actually still has the dual-core HyperThreaded Core i3-2100 as the leader over the A8 APU.

Valve Source Particle Simulation

Valve released this particle simulation test a while back for benchmarking platforms and CPUs.

AMD A8-3850 Llano Desktop Processor Review - Can AMD compete with Sandy Bridge? - Graphics Cards 18

Valve’s particle simulation test pins the A8-3850 against a wall and just demolishes it with an all-time low score of 68.  The Intel Core i3-2100 with two fewer cores is actually bringing back a result that is 42% faster.

Valve Source Map Compilation

More of a developer test than gamer test, this benchmark is indicative of how long it takes a system to compile a map.

Finally, the A8-3850 finds itself at the back of the pack in terms of CPU performance…

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