BitFenix’s Shinobi Window is anything but a high end case, more in line with some of NZXT’s offerings which include as many features as possible while staying under the $100 mark.  The USB and audio connectors, as well as the power button have all been moved to the top of the case, along with a large exhaust area which is wide open as this mid-tower case has the PSU located on the bottom. The side panel does indeed have a window and the motherboard tray has a hole cut into it for easy access to your heatsinks backplate.  Tool-less assembly and wire management features are included as are grommets for watercooling.  The Tech Report does make mention of the non-windowed version which costs $10 less and might be even more attractive to the value conscious case shopper.

"We’re taking an in-depth look at the Shinobi Window, a mainstream mid-tower enclosure from the folks at Bit Fenix. We’ve run the case through our usual battery of tests to determine if it’s a worthy contender at $70."

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