Bay Reviews got their hands on Thermaltake’s CLS0017 CPU cooler for Socket G34 processors, specifically designed for 2U cases with multiple physical CPUs.  Right off the bat the 70mm fan says a lot about how little heat the Opteron 6100 series CPUs produce compared to enthusiast parts.  Most users are not going to be satisfied with that which is why they also tried the FrozenCPU 70mm to 120mm Blue UV Reactive Fan Adapter so you can get better cooling at the cost of increased size.  Check out their review here.

"With the pending release of the 16 core AMD Opteron Interlagos processor, now is definitely the time to consider building a new dual CPU workstation. Until recently, the only problem for computer enthusiasts was finding a reliable CPU cooler for these elite AMD 6100 series processors.

Thanks to the Thermaltake CLS0017 CPU cooler, the wait is finally over. What are the peak AMD 6128 CPU temperatures that you can expect from the Thermaltake CLS0017? What sort of upgrade options are there for the 70MM fan? Read On To Find Out!"

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