At 630g and standing only 160mm tall the Evercool Transformer 3 almost seems tiny compared to many of the other CPU heatsinks currently on the market for enthusiasts.  That holds true for the heatpipes as well, as they are smaller than the 8mm diameter that is becoming more common.  Frosty Tech’s testing bore that out, while an improvement on previous models it is not able to keep up with the big boys.  If all you need is solid mid-range cooler though, this review is worth inspecting.

"In this review Frostytech will be putting the Evercool Transformer 3 heatsink through its paces. The Transformer 3 is a tower-style heatsink which stands exactly 160mm tall. The cooler comes with a single 120mm PWM fan that operates at speeds of 2200RPM to 800RPM, though a second fan can added to the rear if desired. Four white vibration absorbing rubber posts are used to reduce vibrations from the fan motor to the heatsink, extra fan posts are supplied. The heatsink stands 160mm tall, is 130mm wide and 78mm deep with the single fan."

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