Case designers selling mice, memory makers selling audio devices and now a graphics card provider has jumped into the CPU heatsink business.   EVGA is well known for it’s graphics card lines and their motherboards but this is the first CPU cooler that they have marketed.  The EVGA Superclock CPU cooler is large and sports heatpipes as is common in the cooling industry right now, so Hi Tech Legion had to dig a bit to find out what makes this cooler unique in a very crowded market.  Performance wise it was on par with some of the best though perhaps a little loud, installation is easy and it is compatible with just about any socket you will encounter.  It was the look of the cooler that they decided made EVGA’s cooler special, the all black finish is unique and those with a penchant for LEDs will like the red light coming from the fans.  Check it out here.

"The EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler certainly has the specs to uphold the high standards EVGA has set. The EVGA Superclock CPU cooler is a 152mm tall tower cooler, featuring five direct contact 8mm heat pipes and 120mm high CFM fan capable of speeds from 700-2500rpm. To add a little eye candy, the fan is clear with red LED, while the Superclock CPU Cooler tower sports a glossy black finish with the white EVGA logo across the top. To aid in cooling, the EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler features a twin wind tunnel design that effectively forces more air over the heat pipes for better heat dissipation. Closed sides of the fin array further maximize cooling potential. The Superclock CPU Cooler is also very versatile with included mounts for Intel 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/754/939/940/F."

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