PSU naming schemes are getting a little ridiculous, trying to state that the Lazer Platinum is a Super Flower Gold King with a straight face is not easy.  The names aside, Kingwin’s latest PSU offers features that will make you sit up with interest.  The efficiency of the PSU is above 90% in all but a few low load scenarios and the cooling fan hardly ever turns on thanks to a very good design.  You will pay more for the Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum but as far as TechPowerUp is concerned it is a worthy investment.

"The Kingwin Lazer Platinum LZP-550 is based on Super Flower’s platinum platform (Golden King 550W) and according to the manufacturer achieves over 92% efficiency. The power supply’s fan will only spin beyond a certain temperature, so the PSU will emit no noise at low loads. In our review we find that this power supply is the best model available in its power range at this time."

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